Espeki was started in 2002 by Esra Peruze KIZILTUĞ TİNER, who decided to carry her hobbies and talent into professional life.

Espeki's stylish and personal designs are making the difference. And makes it the first brand that comes into mind when it is about dance costume.

The dance costumes are created in the workplace of Espeki where quality meets grace with the first days attention.

Espeki's first principle is costumer's satisfaction. While making it happen, she is always presenting the first quality.

Espeki's vision is becoming the leader enterprise in domestic and abroad with her experience and knowledge.


Espeki is offering special made costumes for professional and amateur dancers for dance competitions, dance festivals, dance sports clubs, dance clubs of universities, company organizations, firm promotions, special designs for media, stage and sound artists.

Apart from producing dance costumes, Espeki is also giving service for evening gowns, dance night dresses, wedding dresses and prom dresses, costumes for schools.

Your dress should dance too..